Experienced digital marketing professional with a track record of over fifteen years in SEO, SEM, and social media management. Backed by many certificates, our experts are rooted in data analysis, keyword optimization, campaign management and innovative problem-solving. Our hands-on experience includes collaborating on various freelance projects and many startups across digital marketing, SEM, social media, and eCommerce. We are passionate about optimizing strategies to exceed expectations, and we are eager to bring this dedication to your company’s success.

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Our team of experts will closely work with you and make sure you make the best through their hard work, grit, and brilliance.

About Us
Awaraj has been a top provider of expert digital marketing services since 2019. We are located at New Delhi. We have over the 3 years served over 309+ clients who are satisfied with our systematic and timely approach. We help strengthen a brand’s visibility online by creating customized digital marketing strategies that align with the client’s business requirements.

Why us? Awaraj offers high-quality, budget-friendly digital marketing solutions that can be availed by solopreneurs, SMBs, bigger enterprises, and more. We  like to work in a systematic manner, keeping deadlines in mind.

15 Creative Post Design
• 2 Promotional Stories
• 2 Carousel
• 300 to 400 likes on 25 Posts
• 3500 Semi Organic Followers
• Account Decoration
• Viral Hashtags
• Posting Calendar
• Account Engagement
• Account SEO
• 2 Revision Per Post
• Any 2 Social Media Platforms Management   

Charges Rs.17,000/- Per Month (Facebook AD Optimisation Charges – Rs.40,000/- Approx. )

Other Services • Graphic & Logo Designing • SMO (Social Media Optimization) • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube Ads • Label & Packaging Design • Content Marketing & Content Writing • Video Editing & Animation • Product Shoot • Pr & Branding • Digital Press Release • Social Media Verification Support • Social Media Marketing & Management / etc

For further queries and to know us better Visit us at www.awaraj.com Contact us at +91 8859999459 Write to us at info@awaraj.com; bhumendrapal@gmail.com

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